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Small businesses move faster than any other sector of business. But unlike big business, they often don't have the luxury of computer and IT departments, telecom managers and on-site technical experts to handle their every need. That's why systems that are simple, reliable and economical are so important to small business.

It's with these needs in mind that Mitel created a suite of communications solutions made expressly for small business. Whether you need a telephone system, a computer network, Internet access, security or all of the above, Mitel has a solution to meet your needs. And the benefits we offer are real:

  • Make Life Easier through simple, intuitive phones and computer software, combined with the ability to manage it all with little-to-no IT expertise
  • Save Time and Reduce Costs with our integrated solutions that can meet all your voice and data communications needs with the utmost reliability
  • Make Your Business More Productive through our add-ons like teleworking, conferencing and business productivity tools that enable you to work more efficiently and productively.
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