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Enhanced Communications – Your Key to Success

As a retailer, you are under constant pressure. On the one hand, business costs must be kept to a minimum, and on the other, the pressure to provide outstanding customer service has never been greater. Striking a balance between the two is critical for your success. And that’s where Mitel® can help.

Mitel is helping retailers succeed with a suite of powerful Networked Business Solutions that combine voice, video and data over IP to improve your responsiveness to customers, provide greater efficiency across the business and dramatically reduce communications costs.

With these Networked Business Solutions in place, your retail operations will benefit in many ways. Not only does Mitel’s Integrated Communications Platform help reduce the cost of installing state-of-the art communications at new and older stores, it also provides the flexibility to update legacy phone systems across the chain at a pace that suits your business.

Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use communications, conferencing and collaboration tools that improve information exchange across the chain
  • A full range of wireless and wired IP phones that improve staff productivity and provide access to information and applications from anywhere in the chain
  • Scalable, flexible contact centers that can be set up with agents and staff at any location to meet customer demand 24/7
  • Speech-enabled inquiries via the phone that speed up access to information for employees and customers
  • Real-time security and monitoring systems linked with digital video help that accelerate identification of fraudulent transactions and help address shrinkage
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