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Mitel's K-12 education solutions provide the tools to deliver increased benefits within the classroom and extend new capabilities through the virtual classroom. Through tools such as e-learning, wireless access and speech recognition, K-12 schools are given the tools to create an information-rich learning environment for students and staff alike.

From an operational perspective, school boards can consolidate voice, data and video traffic across the LAN/WAN to allow for shared resources and improved ease of communications between schools. Additionally, through an IP environment, staff can be given enhanced in-building mobility coupled with high levels of safety and security through digital video recording solutions.

Mitel's K-12 education solutions provide:

  • Access to virtual classrooms through e-learning with intuitive video communications
  • Improved mobility of staff and classroom resources through in-building wireless communications
  • Improved parent-teacher communications with speech-enabled access to student information and school services
  • A secure learning environment through digital video recording solutions
  • Substantial infrastructure costs-savings and improved resource sharing through IP LAN/WAN networking
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