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Mitel Hospitality Solutions deliver advanced communications that enhance the guest experience, improve customer service and optimize operational productivity and costs. The foundation of these solutions starts with Mitel's line of PBX and IP communications systems.

Who we are in hospitality:

  • A long-established and proven provider of hospitality-specific communications, worldwide
  • Mitel Hospitality Solutions are installed in the UK, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Canada, United States, Caribbean and Latin America
  • In the U.S. alone, Mitel is an approved manufacturer for many of the Top 10 hotel companies who account for the majority of guest rooms

The reasons are clear:

  • Our complete line of feature-rich, IP desktop phones, consoles and peripherals lowers operating costs while making it easy for hotel staff to provide professional-level service to guests
  • Hospitality-specific feature sets
  • Mitel’s IP-PBX and IP-based applications enable hoteliers to implement IP solutions at their own pace to meet their customers’ needs
  • Mitel’s open architecture supports third-party applications like call accounting, guest room phones and property management
  • Combine all the above with a built-in migration strategy that protects your investment for years to come, and YOU will agree, Mitel solutions are a wise investment
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